Human skin has many important functions. It regulates body temperature with help of 2, 5 million sweat glands. The skin protects internals from mechanical action (pushes, pressure, and frictions).  The presence of antiseptic environment on the skin surface protects the body from penetration of the pathogenic germs. The skin also protects a person from harmful influence of the sun rays (by increasing its pigmentation and by thickening) and keeps inside the body necessary water level. The skin functions normally only when it remains healthy. 
Environmental hazards, intense ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, drugs, stress and, the last but not the least, unsuitable cosmetics - damage the skin balance.
Skin diseases are spread - 10% visits to a doctor are related to them. The massive researches of recent time point to wider spread of them. Over 20% of the population suffers from dermatosis.
Skin diseases control is one of the main directions in our work.