5 Days® Professional

In Russia, specialists –podiatrists have recently occurred. In our country, a podiatrist is associated with a pedicure technician, rather than medical personnel. The personnel of podiatric centers is not only trained in instrumental procedures, onychocryptosis, prosthetic care, but also qualified in anatomy, physiology, pharmaceuticals, minor orthopedics and in several massage techniques. Podoligists work in close collaboration with dermatologists, surgeons, endocrinologists, orthopedists and etc. 
Just necessary medical knowledge turn foot hygiene – pedicure to a curative prophylactic medical procedure. 
In a podologic room, numerous foot-related problems are solved: ingrown nails, calluses (including deep-rooted or pivot calluses), callosity, fungal nails (onychomycosis), feet fissures, calloused skin on feet (hyperkeratosis). Patients with diabetes mellitus have their feet treated.  When modern equipment, cosmetics and technologies are available, you are not to hurry to a surgeon with such problems.
The best advances which are developed in modern scientific research laboratories, the most recent scientific achievements in combination with natural components of the best quality are presented in Series 5 Days® Professional. Products of Series 5 Days® Professional are suitable for medical and general foot care.
The range of products of Series 5 Days® Professional allows choosing the best form of foot care: cream, lotion, powder, foot bath. Series 5 Days® also includes care products for toe and finger nails.