We are always glad to work with young and adult specialists graduated Pharmacy or Medicine, especially in Industrial Drug Technology major.Because of extension of production volume the following professional positions are currently vacant:
1. Marketing Manager 
2. Sales Manager 
3. Foreman 
4. Operator 
5. Stacker
Contract terms: hiring according to LC, assessment of workplaces, stable payment, full benefits package : pension contributions , sick pay, accident insurance , financial assistance in difficult situations, production staff provided with free meals on the premises. If you are interested in work with us, please send your detailed CV, indicating required position to e-mail [email protected] (in the graph TOPIC indicate position you are interested in). Do not forget to specify in the letter that the information about the vacancy was received from the website www.galenopharm.ruPersonnel department phone number: +7 (812) 275 81 84