Recently, in accord to massive researches are noted the increase of psychopathological disorders. Different social-psychological and biological factors (social-economic problems, the global information congestion, chronic fatigue, environmental situation, etc.) aggravate this situation. This leads to increased organism fatigability, reducing efficiency, appearance of irritability, tension, anxiety, depressed mood, sleep disturbances, etc.

In the treatment of neuroticisms are effectively used plant origin sedative drugs, characterized by simplicity of dosing, contraindications and minimum side effects. 

Sedatives have an overall calming effect on the CNS. The sedative effect shows up in a reducing of reaction to different external stimuli, and some reduction of daytime activity.

The preparations of this group regulate functions of the CNS, increasing the process of inhibition or lowering the excitation processes. As a rule, they relief the offensive and deepen natural sleep, intensify the effect of hypnotics, analgesics and other drugs, which are depressed the CNS. 

In comparison with tranquilizers the herbal sedatives have a less expressed psycho sedative action, don’t have hypnotic and myorelaxing properties, and don’t provoke an ataxia. The psychic drug dependence isn’t developed to the plant origin sedative with long term therapy.