Recently, in accord to massive researches are noted the increase of psychopathological disorders. Different social-psychological and biological factors (social-economic problems, the global information congestion, chronic fatigue, environmental situation, etc.) aggravate this situation. This leads to increased organism fatigability, reducing efficiency, appearance of irritability, tension, anxiety, depressed mood, sleep disturbances, etc.
The tonic drugs are effective at border-line disorders, weakening of the general functions of the body and a strong overexertion. This group includes drugs of natural origin. The tonic drugs are the most effective in the border-line disorders as the medicines of maintenance therapy. Besides the non-specific general tonic action rendered on the CNS, these drugs improve the endocrine regulation and metabolism, as well as increase the body's adaptation to unfavorable factors. The general tonic action shows up in the increasing of body activity, which is accompanied by increased appetite, increased tone of hollow organs and the secretion of gastrointestinal tract. For preparations of this group are typically soft evident psychogogic effects, showing up in the efficiency improving. 
The tonic preparations are low-toxic, well tolerance by patients, including seniors.