The innovation – is a novelty that provides a quality increase in the efficiency of processes or products, demanded by the market. An example of innovation is a launch into the market products (goods and services) with new consumer properties or qualitative increase in the efficiency of production systems. JSC “Pharmaceutical factory of St. Petersburg”, as the company chose an innovative way of development, maximum use of modern knowledge and the latest advances in medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, physics, biology and other sciences. We constantly improve the manufactured drugs and cosmetics. At the same time we study opportunities of increasing their bio- accessibility and effectiveness, introduce innovative components in our products, optimize the technology of manufacture.

Some years ago, we decided to concentrate our attention on producing drugs for treatment of bronchial asthma (BA) and lung’s chronicle obstructive disease (CODL). We study the influence of comminution of active materials to micro- nano-sizes on the pharmaceutical activity, the advance of dissolution’s process and the influence of capillary-active materials for dissolution’s process and crystallization. We work on the improvement of drug delivery through a respiratory way and research the influence of different factors on the particle’s distribution in the lungs. Proportioning of preparations, goes with obligatory definition of respiratory fraction at the cascade impactor of Andersen, which is including in all leading pharmacopoeias of the world (EP, BP and USP). We research the particle’s stream in aerosol’s cloud; estimate the influence of geometry of spray-type orifices, twyer’s diameter for it, for the provision of the most effective delivery of active material in patient’s lungs.

 Today the factory realized the producing of spray-type antiasthmatic preparation “Beklospirt®”, which has no domestic analog and produced by technology without Freon. (We have got a patent for a device of inhalation.)

There are very good, serious scientific and manufacturing potential in our fabric for development of preparations. Professors, doctors of pharmaceutical science, and candidates of pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutics, technologist, and chemists work on the best world samples of technological and laboratory equipment. Meanwhile, we cooperate with leading in this sphere research-and-development center and companies, such as Russia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany and Japan, take place in Russian and international conferences and seminars. This allows us to keep abreast of all news in the pharmaceutical field and track trends in the world of scientific thought.